• Daylight After a Century

    Well well well! I’ve finally uploaded all new content for your peepers!

    Included in this new bundle is last year’s film about microfinance in The Ivory Coast and beyond, an older ‘about us’ film I loved editing for an amazing organisation called InSTEDD, a short promo for a French estate agency and… (drumroll please)… a new 30minute long documentary (and it’s accompanying trailer!)

    Daylight After a Century is a documentary I have been working on for 9 months after a client came forward looking to convey his fascinating story, a tale about his discovery of numerous historical glass plate photographs, depicting life in Armenia, Ottoman Turkey, before the Armenian genocide in 1915. (more…)

  • Sykes – Gold Dust!

    Apologies for the ridiculously long hiatus! This summer was hectic, mainly due to the fact I got married (woooo!) but also lots of exciting trips and work.

    So, here’s a very overdue  entry to say that the music video I made for the amazing Sykes for their single “Gold Dust” now has over 55,000 views on Youtube! Thank you to everyone for your continued support. It was tons of fun to make and I’m really happy that you all like it, it really means a lot.

    Coming soon – my trip this summer to The Ivory Coast for MicroCred…

  • WISER Graduation film!

    Hello all!

    Finally, after a short delay….  the WISER Graduation film is here!

    It has been a pleasure to work on such inspirational footage, and I hope you enjoy watching this momentous day half as much as I enjoyed filming it. I love reliving the pride, the hope, the excitement and the tangible sense of change and feel honoured to have captured this very special day.

    This is for you, pioneering class of 2013, and for all the girls that will follow in your impressive footsteps. You have worked hard and paved the way for the future generations of girls in Muhuru Bay and nationwide.

    You are the future of Kenya and you humble me every single day.

    For that, I say thank you.

  • WISER update! Watch this space…

    Just a quick note to say I just came back from Muhuru Bay where I was honoured to shoot the graduation ceremony for the pioneering class of WISER.

    It was an amazing, emotional day to see these young women graduate (100% of them passed their exams, 17 of the 28 qualified for university and 13 of these obtained an immediate full scholarship – incredible!) and prove to their community and the world that girls can make it, be successful and fulfill their potential. They are role-models and advocates for investing in girls education. Absolutely no girls from Muhuru Bay have gone to university in over 20 years and the gender discrimination has meant the lives of girls in this area have often been very tragic. This has all been changed. (more…)

  • Patreon – support the creators!


    Just thought I’d give you the heads up about Patreon, a fantastic new website where you can support and engage with creators all over the globe. It’s a great innovation and I am shamelessly here to tell you about my very own page:


    Please feel free to go and have a look and, if you can, I’d love for you to become a Patron! I would greatly appreciate the support because, like I explain in more detail on the site, my aim is that if I can get enough of a production budget per video or photography project from kind patrons, I will eventually be able to offer my services free of charge to amazing non-profits that can’t afford to pay (or at a discount for those that can only pay a little.) I would truly love to be able to do this to help smaller organisations in much need of a marketing boost – I know it would really make a huge difference to them. (more…)

  • Wiser about WISER

    I’ve been sitting here trying to adequately put into words how the time I spent at WISER affected me, but I can’t find the ones that will do this wonderful place justice. But here’s the story:

    I lived, worked and breathed a phenomenal organisation a few weeks ago for 4 days called WISER. Based  in the small, isolated village of Muhuru Bay, on the banks of the vast Lake Victoria, this organisation is changing the lives of the poorest girls living in the most difficult situations.

    There is no real economical activity in the region, except for fishing as it lies right on the banks of lake Victoria. But this is both a blessing and a curse: it provides one of the only steady sources of food, but as most people do not have any economic income, and therefore no money to even buy food, girls are forced to sell themselves for next to nothing to the fishermen just to survive. The statistics are shocking: 50% of sexually active 10-16 year old girls are forced to have transactional sex to get money for school, food or sanitary pads. This is also in an area where HIV/AIDS prevalence is a staggering 38%. But the girls have no choice. And it often leads to pregnancy or illness. (more…)

  • Mambo!

    Mambo, everyone! (Apparently this is more common and the recognisable “Jambo” is only really used by and for tourists.)

    Apologies for my lack of communication recently – it’s been a bit mad! So, after a wonderful and whirlwind few months in Seattle (which stole my heart – what a amazing and underrate city it is!), followed by a brief stop in London, here I am finally in Nairobi, Kenya!

    I’ve just arrived and am really looking forward to getting to know this amazing country some more, though I have to say I am loving it already. So far I’ve wandered around our local area, eaten some yummy food and yes – I fed, patted and even kissed some beautiful, gentle giraffes at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Giraffe Centre. As many people know, I am a *tad* animal obsessed and adore all creatures, so it was a very special experience to kick off my time here.

    Furthermore, I have also already met a whole bunch of wonderful, inspiring people that are doing fantastic work here and I have some great ideas brewing for films that I think will make a real, significant impact, so watch this space! Exciting stuff!

    More information on that specific project coming soon….

  • News! New film, Wiser Talk and Seattle!


    Lots of news!!! So:

    • I have finished working on the mBank Philippines film, which you can find in my portfolio. It was a fantastic project to be a part of and I had an amazing time in the Philippines. mBank are doing great things with their innovative mobile banking model which allows them to provide microfinance services to so many more people in rural areas who would otherwise never have access to financial services. They noticed that whilst only a fraction of the population have this financial access, over 100 million people have a mobile phone so they are bridging this gap! Genius! I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did making it!


    • I did a talk via Skype for Wiser Earth last Wednesday, as part of their fantastic series of WiserLocal Gatherings – this one at La Ruche, in Paris. The subject was storytelling: the art of telling a story or an NGO. I shared my views on storytelling, including what a powerful tool it was and how best to leverage it through film. We watched and discussed examples of good NGO films and why they worked and we also discussed what makes a bad film or what to avoid when filming your own. It was a pleasure to be asked to speak at the event and great to be able to share my ideas and thoughts on something I am so passionate about and I hope it helped those in the audience better understand the fundamentals of filmmaking. For more information on WiserEarth and their WiserLocal Gatherings, check them out online:




    • And last but not least, the day is finally looming that we make the big move! I am heading to Seattle on Tuesday for 3 months – exciting times ahead! I will keep you posted on how we’re settling down stateside. Emerald City, here I come!


    See you all on the other side of the pond!

    Hollie. x


    Ps: To see more about the WiserLocal talk I was a par tof, what we discussed and what films we analysed, see the article: www.wiser.org/article/f3d08ec5e98a2aa3257f1e881139b1c5

  • Filming on Location – Philippines

    Hello everyone!

    I’ve been filming on location in the Philippines this week for mBank, who are utilising mobile technology to provide micro loans to entrepreneurs.

    It’s been a great experience. From the hustle and bustle of Manila, to the charming cities of Tacloban and Ormoc, I’ve met lovely people and seen wonderful things. The hospitality and friendliness has been incredible and I cannot thank everyone enough for all their generosity and warmth!

    Watch this space for the final film – coming soon…


  • London Film Services


    Just a quick note to say that before I set off for more adventures and distant lands, I will be back in London between mid-February to mid-March. If you or your employer need a videographer/editor and or photographer in London during this time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and spread the word! I will be available to shoot during these dates and would be happy to hear from you!

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    – Hollie.