Mambo, everyone! (Apparently this is more common and the recognisable “Jambo” is only really used by and for tourists.)

Apologies for my lack of communication recently – it’s been a bit mad! So, after a wonderful and whirlwind few months in Seattle (which stole my heart – what a amazing and underrate city it is!), followed by a brief stop in London, here I am finally in Nairobi, Kenya!

I’ve just arrived and am really looking forward to getting to know this amazing country some more, though I have to say I am loving it already. So far I’ve wandered around our local area, eaten some yummy food and yes – I fed, patted and even kissed some beautiful, gentle giraffes at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Giraffe Centre. As many people know, I am a *tad* animal obsessed and adore all creatures, so it was a very special experience to kick off my time here.

Furthermore, I have also already met a whole bunch of wonderful, inspiring people that are doing fantastic work here and I have some great ideas brewing for films that I think will make a real, significant impact, so watch this space! Exciting stuff!

More information on that specific project coming soon….

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