Daylight After a Century

Well well well! I’ve finally uploaded all new content for your peepers!

Included in this new bundle is last year’s film about microfinance in The Ivory Coast and beyond, an older ‘about us’ film I loved editing for an amazing organisation called InSTEDD, a short promo for a French estate agency and… (drumroll please)… a new 30minute long documentary (and it’s accompanying trailer!)

Daylight After a Century is a documentary I have been working on for 9 months after a client came forward looking to convey his fascinating story, a tale about his discovery of numerous historical glass plate photographs, depicting life in Armenia, Ottoman Turkey, before the Armenian genocide in 1915.

This year marks the centennial of the genocide and so the documentary takes on added meaning as it unravels the tale of these photographs, who took them and how they came to be in a London apartment 100 years later. The narrator (grandson of the the photographer responsible for these images) breaks down the pictures themselves, all taken just after the turn of the century before the genocide took place.

This has truly been a fascinating film to work on, and I am humbled and privileged to have had the opportunity to tell the story of these photographs that have stood the test of time and which depict so hauntingly a life, a culture and a people that was shortly to be utterly ruined. To see these amazing photographs and the story behind them, please watch Daylight After a Century and spread the word.

I hope you enjoy it.


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