• Wiser about WISER

    I’ve been sitting here trying to adequately put into words how the time I spent at WISER affected me, but I can’t find the ones that will do this wonderful place justice. But here’s the story:

    I lived, worked and breathed a phenomenal organisation a few weeks ago for 4 days called WISER. Based  in the small, isolated village of Muhuru Bay, on the banks of the vast Lake Victoria, this organisation is changing the lives of the poorest girls living in the most difficult situations.

    There is no real economical activity in the region, except for fishing as it lies right on the banks of lake Victoria. But this is both a blessing and a curse: it provides one of the only steady sources of food, but as most people do not have any economic income, and therefore no money to even buy food, girls are forced to sell themselves for next to nothing to the fishermen just to survive. The statistics are shocking: 50% of sexually active 10-16 year old girls are forced to have transactional sex to get money for school, food or sanitary pads. This is also in an area where HIV/AIDS prevalence is a staggering 38%. But the girls have no choice. And it often leads to pregnancy or illness. (more…)